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Giuliani Screwed


Posted by Dave

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Giuliani is being held accountable for a wide open campaign of misinformation.

So all Giuliani has to say is "It's a misunderstanding, here's the evidence."  

But guess if that will happen.

Or, maybe he can simply admit to Trump's base he was exploiting them with nonsense all along.  Also not going to happen.

This is a lot like that commercial where the shop-owner woman dances among Disney-like characters singing back responses aflutter.  Until someone in her shop slips on a pool of water and breaks a leg, and suddenly, life and lawsuits get real.  

Except, here, it's Giuliani sprinkler-heading lies and propaganda unbelievably forgetting that a real business was being affected in a bad, bad way, and that that business would naturally sue him into a life of misery.  

He's not going to win this lawsuit and whether through the cost of the settlement or the spend of the fight, he's financially ruined.  

Giuliani, a man I once heralded for his ability to tackle New York City crime, can't even abandon his delusion long enough to realistically defend himself, insisting that the process will actually EXPOSE Dominion's evilness. 

As if Dominion and its attorneys know nothing about the risk of "discovery".  The fact they are bringing the hammer down means that they ain't worried about being pummeled by right-wing fantasies and that Giuliani better snap out of it fast.

politics trumpism

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POP Email - Because, Privacy


Posted by Dave

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This is a protest post of sort because when I search online for "why should I use POP email" nobody gives the correct answer.

My "pop-culture" settings.  Heh.

The answers usually given are "use it if you want to access email on your device while offline", as if being offline is a serious problem anymore.  Or, "use it to free up storage on your server", which is not a bad answer because eventually you will have to do something with all your cloud-based email, however off in the future.  But for most people that's a specific operation if and when that day of objective arrives and it may not be the only real solution if we are exclusively talking about preservation.  It probably isn't or won't be.

The Actual Answer

The top and actually real answer to use POP email is to keep email moving such that it passes through to you, but is not stored with your email provider on the way.  Bearing in mind of course that your specific configuration can and likely would allow it to pool up online with your provider for awhile, it would nonetheless not stay.  

To put it succinctly you would use POP for off-cloud privacy.  A second best answer is that you might prefer it for control.

POP email is excellent for off-cloud personal computing but it does require more attention and, as with all off-cloud computing, may concentrate your digital habits to periods when you can access certain devices where you are pulling data to.  In a rare tight application of this method, for example, you might only be able to review and respond to email when you get home for the day and can settle in with your computer - though again your specific configuration would never likely be that strict.

The control I mention comes from relying on the traditional email clients to access and pull email because they include many granular features relating to how email is handled, displayed, and archived.   The classic MS Office Outlook is probably the pinnacle example of a feature-rich client, though there are competitors that are fresh and contemporary.   

Here are two (non-sponsored):

Oh the Inconvenience!

I am experimenting with exclusive reliance on POP and in the process, trying to mitigate some of the loss of cloud benefits.  This turns out not to be an alien exercise because before the days of web-first email services like GMAIL, most of the mitigations I have come up with were day-to-day standard practice back then.  I'm really doing nothing more than pretending web-based email never happened.

People will be quick to remind you that unlike IMAP or web mail you can't access your messages from anywhere or anytime.  But that's not really true.  As a critical point consistently omitted in all the "should I use POP or IMAP" online articles, you can in fact configure your POP behavior to leave messages on the server for a reasonable period of time.  This means that all your other devices and email apps, including the basic GMAIL app on your Android phone, have time to access and pull the data.  Day-to-day you do in fact have universal access to recent messages for as long as you want to define "recent". 

In my case I have Outlook on my desktop as my primary device and it will leave messages on the server for my other devices for approximately 3 days.  If there's any situation, such as needing to receive and immediately respond to an email on the fly, I still can just fine.  And by the way, guess often that turns out to be?  So far never.  In case you haven't noticed in the past 15 years, email as a thing for person-to-person communication has all but dried up except in the commercial job sphere.  The entire ability to access email via my phone is really more about just keeping tabs on things than actually firing off responses.

Where POP Email Life Really Hurts

The actual downshot of putting yourself back on POP is the initial technical tending and time for it, as with all off-cloud maneuvers.  But this would only be considered an obstacle for "Facebook" or "mobile-only" digital consumers with no thirst or understanding of the freedom they actually have. 

Also a bummer (but not without solutions; I have implemented them) is that "email" these days tends to be part of a larger personal information management suite or ecosystem that includes your contact database and calendar.  Pushing your email to a POP client moves your email management outside of these other critical workflows you have probably gotten used to.  Some people can live with that, but others will naturally try to port contacts and calendars too so that they all remain in sync and portable which drastically complicates the manuever.

For me the question boiled down to a simple problem.  Assuming I use Outlook for contacts and calendar, how best to simply sync such data to my Android phone?  And it was a problem because in 2021 the personal computing application market doesn't "see" people who want to work off the cloud. 

The actual solution, which is working well, involves available and modern, but niche applications, on the PC and on the phone.  I have to install CompanionLink for Outlook, and on my phone, I have to install something called "DejaOffice".  All these things up and running reliably, so far, keep my contacts and calendar synced to Google Contacts (which becomes just another contact account you can add to your contacts view then focus on), and Google Calendar.  Because everything: email, contacts, and calendar stuff, can all be accessed by the Google GMAIL app on Anroid, it feels like I'm still using their web service.  There's no real loss of familiarity yet none of this data is held in perpetual by Google.

In short, long term privacy and control are the reasons to "pick POP", but as with every effort to keep your computing local and within control, you will spend time you have probably forgot you needed to when you became gradually consumed and assimilated by Google and Microsoft. 


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Trump's Little Shop of Parlers (I)


Posted by Dave

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Okay let's cut into my annoyingly nuanced position on the events of the past 72 hours.  You really need to know where I stand.  I'll start here with this post and bang out a few others, just to make it all digestible.

The Capitol Siege

The issue is the breach, period.  We need not wonder whether the specific terminology in Trump's speeches actually caused the "siege", and we can only choose, but not necessitate, to engage in an examination of every individual who participated for purposes of prosecution. 

But let's be honest:  Nothing Trump said that day directed a small group of buffoons in particular to storm the Capitol and begin taking selfies.  Yes, he did lay the foundation of unwarranted mantra against the United States with his election fraud campaign that was easy to pick up and run with, if some people were so inclined, which of course some buffoons were. 

Not to let him off the hook.  We know Trump is guilty of something in all of this.  We know he is at the center.  Trump legitimized juvenile anger and the result was of course an explosion of it under the stress test of an election and Senate control loss.   

Through his years-long vitriol and celebration of "mean" he and his followers who equated his bullying with being strong and relatable, lost an opportunity to sell genuinely great merits of conservative principles to moderates and independents to a level needed to win continued control.

Trump created a culture similar to the common prison yard where high level politics and gestures of reason are conducted by a hundred men stuck with a 5th grade intellectual ruleset.  You can tell them that an entire week's of debate and contemplation over the insult of a shove or the wearing of certain colors that ultimately results in a shanking, is ridiculous and small-minded, but they wouldn't get it.  They think everyone thinks the way they do.

What Actually Happened

What in fact happened at the Capitol was that, as is atypical of any mass gathering protest a small number of people got aggressive and somehow (cough) breached the line of security which then allowed a swell of people to pour into a place that they should not have been, and probably never expected to be. 

In a BLM protest "a place" has often been something like a big box store -- whatever is easily accessible.  In this politically-geographed protest, it was the Capitol, its notable symbolism as a logical focal point, over a random shoe store, recognized.  

I will be honest, I am absolutely positive had I spotted a stream inlet into a building like the Capitol, with no-one apparently stopping me or anyone else, I would have gone in too.  Obviously not because I am pro-Trump -- I'd be livestreaming or taking a bunch of selfies.

Which brings me back to my opening point.  The issue was the breach.  How did that happen?  

The Right Wing Did It

The right-wing-did-it "conspiracy" is that the small number of people who were too aggressive and managed to get in were actually part of a radical group that had planned it.  After all, one guy was photographed with zip ties, and another guy was found with explosives in the car he brought.  Seems like a real possibility.  To know for sure, these people are going to have to be confronted, as they are, and their activities and communications scrutinized.

If they were in fact tightly associated with each other, and in fact were planning on something more serious than an elaborate tresspass, Trump still had nothing to do with it if only out of his sheer ignorance of his own power of words and status.  That someone could be that dumb is a reason we hope an intelligent voting body can spot someone like that and not let it happen in the first place.  But here we are.

But, let's not get crazy without getting crazier.

The Left Wing Did It

The breach might have been a convenient happenstance of the left.  I can knit this conspiracy too.  We can assume that everyone knew how charged pro-Trumpers were, as the threats and dangerous insinuations by enough of them circulated in plain sight for months and years (Twitter, Parler, wherever -- plain sight).

So, if you know wagons of dynamite are headed to a protest, it might be all too easy to thin out the security and "allow" a breach so that the predictable bad actors get in.  The value would simply be to garner the CNN loop coverage (to use them as the usual example; understand that I mean the MSM in general) to cement Trump in the brilliant storification of a man at the helm, out of control.  

Or, let's get even crazier.

The Corporate Government of the United States Did It

What if it was the left and right working together, agreeing to pass the ball back and forth in post-calamity wrangling, but out of the public eye, tapping glasses with each other over a job well done? 

Trump usurped everyone negatively, but "negatively" isn't the active ingredient.  Trump usurped.  And politically that's what gets you killed, figuratively or otherwise.

Personally, I would love to know the absolute anatomy of the breach at all levels, and will be looking forward to learn.  Those details are the key to understanding everything.

politics trump

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Let it Go Already


Posted by Dave

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It looks like Julian Assange isn't going to be extradited to the U.S. any time soon, apparently on the basis that he is is too depressed, and, our penal system, when it really hates a particular prisoner, is a bit too obvious about torturing them under the guise of enhanced security and suicide prevention measures.  

Ripping from the Guardian:

But turning to evidence by medical experts about Assange’s precarious mental health, she said: “The overall impression is of a depressed and sometimes despairing man, who is genuinely fearful about his future. I find that the mental condition of Mr Assange is such that it would be oppressive to extradite him to the United States of America,” she concluded.


In her ruling, the judge accepted that Assange was likely to be held in conditions of isolation in a so-called supermax prison and that he would find a way to take his own life with the “single-minded determination” of the Autism spectrum disorder he had been diagnosed with.

[ Full Guardian Article ]

Seems like a lot of presumptions are being made all the way around here, but the convenient end result for the UK is that they won't be sending him.  The U.S. can continue to scrabble by appeal, and will, but at this point it just seems they are beating a dead horse with a stretched whip of reason for doing so in the first place.

The guy was holed up for years in the Ecuadorian embassy to duck what was, in my opinon, a CIA-engineered rape charge, or a CIA-amplified prosecution of an actual rape (high profile agitator pro-tip # 1:  Don't mingle with cute women who show up at your weird activist conference and quickly bond to you.  Particularly when they float with organization names like "Christian Association of Social Democrats" - which is just about the most C-I-A-iest name for a front group of as-needed traveling women poised to sting on official launch notice, that I can imagine).  But I digress.

The guy has suffered enough, and I say that as one who would not disagree that he crossed a technical line in achieving "leaks".  His "leaks" in fact were more like information suctioned out of a pipe, a characterization that says nothing about the rightness of the act, criminal as it was.  That argument is not settled with me personally, or many others.  But the point is, he's done enough time for actions not universally regarded as wrong.  Let's let this one go.


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Blogging Like It's 1999


Posted by Dave

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For 2021 I want (am?) to experiment blogging as if it were 1999.  That means, blog "stream of consciousness", and without the usual barriers or filters. 

I've pointed out repeatedly over the years how people first discovered self-expression online, then, rapidly chilled as they came to realize how much of what we would now call "over sharing", might grind up against their interests in the real world.

Chilling factors are why plates of food and videos of attractive women dancing, flow abundantly online but not stuff that would persistently and effectively offend a corporation or an entrenched political body, or any entity of power and profit.  Nobody, including yours truly (let's be clear), wants to take the chance they'll figuratively or literally be left dead in a ditch like Carmine Pecorelli because of what they write and expose.  

What the corporate-consumer oriented web wants from you is your money, not your revolutions.  And this is fine with most people.  Revolutionaries have to eventually appreciate that an overwhelming number of people just want to respectably live in the world, not rock it.  At least too violently.  They and the "money world wide web" comprise the biggest stakeholder in our digital culture for better or for worse.

Intimates might be offended, career chains might be shaken, local personalities so commented upon outside their usual control they might seek to "fix a wagon", and so on and so on.  

So I'd like 2021 to be an expose' of sorts on where exactly the interests of the real world and the idealism of a single unimportant person collide.  I'd like to blog in the uncomfortable space that existed in that era of "why would anyone care about what I write" nativity, somewhere in the late 90s and mid-2000s.

In doing so, I consider a number of different spaces I have to really be careful to achieve that balance. 


The worst thing that can happen to someone who craves blabbing and being the overall "information maverick" is to be employed by anything even remotely touching a Microsoft Excel quarterly report.  What you do and say is of vital interest to the employing agency because, especially now with advanced social media platforms, you represent a possible apologetic PR campaign to the media in the event that you screw it up by such examples as preaching proudly the tenets of racist principles or becoming a highly regarded online BSDM expert.  You wouldn't want a racist out there representing you, after all, and neither does your company or employer in general.  

I of course am not a "racist" -- and know nothing about "BSDM", but nowadays it seems, simply being brave enough to carry an esteemed (if not idiotic) principle of any sort is, alone, enough to represent risk.  Strong opinions and thought leadership beyond such matters as earning your paycheck or football games are sedation targets for their veracity, not necessarily their content.  

In blogging, people today are more jolted and alarmed by the fact that a person has one, than what a person says on one.  

Vice: Porn and Boozing

If I really want to get down to the nitty-gritty and detail everything that I do, as an example, does that mean talking about my digital love life or the copious amounts of whisky I might drink?  Or all the other troubles that a perfectly well-adjusted and happy person might otherwise find easy to avoid. 

How to tastefully and acceptably write about "just being human" is a real stickler because to skip vice and pretend it isn't there deflates the authenticity of the entire genre.  I don't want a blog that just highlights my donations to the United Way or "plates of food" pictures ala Instagram.  But at the same time I don't want to amplify myself as a creep merely for having the honesty to suggest that, at some level, I might be a creep, however non-exceptionally. 

The biggest fear I have with this is not some condemnation of my character, which, were I actually engaging of any of vice activity (none of this should be construed as an admission to anything!), would certainly be shameful and uncomfortable.  Rather, it's the envy of the audacity that I claim for respect while concurrently dumping my dirty laundry over the heads of my subscribers.  What sort of narcissistic ego-driven ass admits to their stink so freely and is offended then by blowback?  We can't do that, some audience members would say.  And rest assured, accordingly, they could become angry and resentful.

Personal Relationships

It's no secret to anyone that I have very few "relationships" outside of work -- and even there I tend to be "greyrocked" or I merely interact as a customer service rep to the higher IT process.  There's nothing substantial enough to deem personal.

Growing up to the point I am at now I simply did not invest enough in personal relationship development or, perhaps more crucially, negotiation, though there may or may not be good reasons for that - let's not assume that this is not just and right. Weakness and fear are maybe just two reasons, but I'm also just pretty good at weeding out "deep nonsense" in order for me to survive, progress, and be happy. 

While most may hold me to some deficiency for this stance, I feel some people are just born this way and feel stronger and more empowered by social solitude.  My favorite fantasies involve manning an arctic science lab for years, or, doing a stint on the space station.  Go figure.  Were it not for my need and willingness to help people and mean something to their happiness and development - not to mention repair a .PST for them or two as needed, things that require I stay on the grid, I really would be a woodsy hermit.

As such, as incredible as it sounds, this is one area likely immune from potential damage.  There will be little that I post that will offend anyone or push them away more than they already are.  The open expression might only improve my personal relationships in fact.

Non-Digital 2021 Goals

I have some other ideas for 2021.  I am seriously contemplating a new car, and, for sure, am finally getting some damn artwork on the walls of my apartment.  As the COVID vaccine begins to reinvigorate the world again, I'll do what I can to support some of these local art studios as a patron.  The neighborhood I live in is renowned for these but my enrollment has been seriously hampered by the pandemic.


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America Did Not 'Win' the Election


Posted by Dave

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It's been over a month (or so) now since the U.S. Presidential election secured Joe Biden as our next president, and I have yet to make my open WWW assessment, which of course is so very important.  Your eyes may roll.

A darkness looms over USA-style democracy.

I was not happy with the outcome of this election.  Yes, I was of course happy that Trump lost -- if we can all agree that actually happened.  What I am not happy with is that he didn't lose by enough. 

I wanted this election to be a repudiation of the reckless sentiments passed around in a circle on right-wing radio or general conservative media.  Trump was never the election target because to me he never mattered.  What does matter is is the source-fuel sewage basin from which Trump and likely future candidates of his ilk draw from. 

I had hoped that Trump's failed presidency would have been enough to diminish the messaging of people like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity which exploit angry people looking for simple answers to big problems, and, which massage a national paranoia against government or any institution that doesn't agree with their limited idea of a working democracy.

Biden's win was not by a wide enough margin on election night to convince me people are learning -- though the total ~80 million in his favor was quite impressive, suggesting America tried.  And of course, we know that outside the presidential race, Trumplicans or classic republicans too fearful to contest them, actually did quite well. 

The democrats lost seats in the House, and they didn't win any in the Senate -- though there is a runoff election in Georgia coming up that might change that.  Nobody is holding their breath and the campaigns there resonate to me as if the democrats are just going through the obligatory motions; a process by which does not negate the bigger disappoint that there has to be a runoff race in the first place.

The United States of America is still in grave danger as long as we consider the Trumplican sharks that circle our boat a rationale legitimacy of any political process.  By whose hand, we'll never know where these people came from, but I don't believe it is organic or by accident.  We best brace ourselves because someone's plan is working.


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Speed Camera Ticket


Posted by Dave

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Video demonstration of the speed camera ticket and its website. It's better full-screened. 

I'm going to guess that most people here in Buffalo have yet to be issued a speeding ticket resulting from a violation caught by one of the city's new speed cameras. 

I am ashamed to admit that I was negligent and reckless enough to be someone  that was.

If eventually you do yourself, this video shows off the ticket that you can expect to receive, and a quick walk through of the website where you will be allowed to view your violation and either pay the fine, or initiate the process of contesting it.  

As it appears, I apparently triggered the camera exactly one minute and 46 seconds into the control period (meaning, the 15 MPH speed limit I violated had just kicked in at 7:30 whereas I caught at 7:31) sooo, yay for my timing.

interesting video

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Not How You Do It


Posted by Dave

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On Friday I had to use an Uber to go to the eye doctor's where I knew my pupils would be dilated.  I paged the Uber through the app, then added a "note" saying I was wearing a blue jacket.

Grid of IT's relationship to ticketing process.

When the guy rolled up I hopped in and the first thing out of this old crank's mouth was, "Did you try to send me a message".  I said yep, just trying to make it easier for you to spot me.  He shot back, angrily, "That's now how you do it!".  He then proceeded to lecture me on some distinction between whatever tool within the app makes the difference between my "note" and whatever equals a valid text message -- but I was too dumbfounded to absorb it, finding myself being greeted by a yell-at from my Uber driver as was the case.  WTF?

Anyway, I think God was giving me a lesson or something as I've always been hard on people using the ticket system in all my years of IT supporting - to the point of making it the lead conversation.  Well, THAT is going to change starting now.  #SlappedInTheFace


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In the Interim, I am Not A Crook


Posted by Dave

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Picture of PeopleFinders screenshot

Fake news - I am not a crook.

For those who have followed me on social media or through this personal website, through my many iterations of accounts, de-friend sweeps, and feed resets, you know that each year I post a statement of identity correction in an effort to assuage concerns of incidents and criminal history that have attached to my name thanks to a persistent imposter in Florida.  

Since many employers and dating candidates, and landlords, first bee-line to things like Facebook to check out a prospect (an understandable universal practice, especially among you ladies, but, which for some bizarre reason can turn a guy into a creep if he confesses to doing the same), I see this tactic as a last line of defense in people erroneously harboring those concerns.

If this practice of mine is not actually helping, at least it psychologically puts me at ease.  If people continue to believe or suspect negative search findings despite the clear case and evidence of judicial correction, chances are it's probably an irreversible political position meaning that it's "important that I be bad" --  not a genuine one based on a tangible relationship.   No public disclosure is going to clear that up, but I feel I've done the best I can to put them into a position of clinging to a fallacy, which does make me feel better.

I usually post/circulate that disclaimer in January of each year, but today I am posting a variant of this before then, for two reasons.  One, I completely re-did this personal website and have not yet concocted a disclaimer page.  It's kind of low priority and is a bit of work, though I will eventually do it.  Posting it as an entry here at my blog and on my Facebook's reset feed will do the trick until then.  

Second, I realize that even that disclaimer fails to take into account the phenomenon of the "records echo" that rings through services like MyLife and PeopleFinders like, forever.

My records have been successfully tackled and eliminated in the courts, sadly after too much damage, but better late than never.   But they STILL exist in all the little background check services any employer or person cares to utilize.  Even after all the work to mop up that mess, the slow burning disaster continues on.  Gads.

So, ahead of January, I am posting this now.  If you see crap like the above screenshot (an actual run of my name in PeopleFinders), none of it is real.  It's fake news.  Yes, it's true that if you follow me around with a camera and notebook you won't prove I'm a saint, which is true of anyone - and god knows I've stoked many an investigatory trajectory by nature of my unique wonderful being and saber rattling against strong institutions (particularly in Florida), which I would never trade away to be someone different.  BUT I have never been arrested nor have I ever even approached such an event horizon in the crimes listed in the example.

I'll post my disclaimer in January which discusses and "proves" what I'm typing, but for now, here is the nonsense in background check services you may use that is not actually me that will tell you it is me.


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Have a BLM Bumper Sticker? Get an American Flag One Too


Posted by Dave

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I have had this question for a long time.  Why do leftists let conservatives "own" nationalism or Americanism?  It shouldn't be "owned" either way, but if there has to be one it should be the liberals who do, for all the reasons outlined in this piece

Question to my leftist/progressive friends:  If you have a BLM or other progressive bumper sticker, would you be willing to slap on an American flag one right next to it?  That's what needs to happen in order to dilute out the false ownership taken on by the right.


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I Swear, I'm Not Building a Cop Car


Posted by Dave

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I made a few tweaks to my personal vehicle.

In a Facebook video I posted I talked about how I was not gradually turning my car into a fantasy cop car.  Well, this weekend I added a few things and tweaked the exterior a little, as you can see. 

But I promise, I still deny turning my vehicle into any such thing.

And since you dared "go beyond the Twitter", I'll confess:  This is an actual law enforcement vehicle who I surmised belonged to a plain-clothes officer I spotted while in the Walgreens.  He was conspicuously packing his firearm above a loose fitting shirt, which suggested to me he was probably a peripheral officer of some sort (say, a probation officer, fire investigator -- in Tampa, the transportation code enforcement officers even carried guns).  So, in a way, you could say the actual officer was likely doing some fantasizing...kind of hamming himself up needlessly (dude, like, for the sake of the kids that might be in the store, put the shirt over the gun, please).

goofing photo

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Get Me To One Hundred On Earl Pin


Posted by Dave

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I am in the final stages of launching Earl Pin Astrology.  It's the first online theater expansion of my Battle Blog 3.0 project.  I have several that will launch over 2020 and 2021 utilizing the new mobile-friendly platform, but Earl Pin Astrology has been one of the most important to me now for several months.

I am adding a YouTube component to it which is not something I do with all my blogs but in this case I believe it fits naturally and has productive value. 

Here's the thing though, I want a custom YouTube URL instead of the weird numerically cryptic one they give you by default when you first set up a channel.  But apparently, to get it, you need to qualify in a number of different ways.  This must be a new requirement or something because I was able to get one for my personal channel which I don't even think has five, let alone one hundred, subscribers.

Here those requirements are in a paste:

Paste of YouTube requirements for a custom URL.

YouTube Requirements for a custom URL.

Here Is Where I Need Your Help

Some of those requirements will take place over time naturally and others I can mitigate through production.  But the one that I need the most help with is the first one requiring 100 subscribers.

I need the help because I need that fast.

That one is going to take a very, very, long time, left to its own devices.  Yet, I need a custom URL the most quickly because the good ones are up for being sniped away.  As well, its value at the start of my production is far more potent than later.  

You'd be doing me a great solid if you could join the Earl Pin Astrology conversation immediately by subscribing to the channel.  If you're interested in the craft, even if as a staunch skeptic and critic, I am promising to make it one of the most interesting subscriptions in your YouTube feed.

If you're not interested in astrology, then hopefully I can count on you to subscribe simply as a matter of friendly support.  Maybe you'll wind up more engaged with the topic than you think!

The blog I mentioned at the outset is online but I am not yet sharing that URL while I complete its configuration.  If you want to be added to that mailing list use my contact page to shoot me that email.


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Here's My Deal About the Deal


Posted by Dave

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I'm causing a ruckus all over town.  Let me explain what happened....


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A Jaunt to the (New) Exchange Street Train Station


Posted by Dave

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As may have been hinted at by about 15 years of websites and the occasional mention at this blog, I have a fascination with transit rail systems.  Subway systems, light rail, high speed rail -- and to a lesser degree, conventional commuter rail.  Don't ask me to explain the intense specificity (why not freight rail or Amtrak?), I can't.  

Video Pan of Progress on the Exchange Street Station, with Commentary.

Buffalo is building a new train station for its Amtrak NYC cross-feeder called the Exchange Street Station, which is a replacement for the old standing one of several decades, and which goes by the same name.  Today was sunny and warm and, shoot, I showered, so I indulged in some ground footage on how the construction is going, including this video pan with some pretty limp commentary.  

You can check out Buffalo Rising's June 2020 post on the progress for some more insightful exhibition, and its Exchange Street tag for even more.  Tasting this project for content has excited me for its future.

Buffalo video

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Ye Olde Computer Support Website


Posted by Dave

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I never went on to develop web pages or to code at professional grade levels, but for as long as the web has been a thing I have always developed web pages and coded.  Here are two videos (you'll need to full-screen these bitches to see them completely) showing off some work I did for the computer support department that I worked for from the mid-90s to about 2006.  

Ye Olde Computer Support Website Nostalgia 1 (Watch full-screen).

Ye Olde Computer Support Website Nostalgia 2 (Watch full screen).

I worked at the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute at the University of South Florida, which at the time had an independent (versus campus-centralized), computer support center.  There was a small crew of us supporting maybe 200 users or up to 500 PCs in that specific research building.

Back then formal lines between technical roles were not as defined or regulated, or, at least weren't for our small shop, yet.  A system administrator might just as easily be called on to install MS Office on a user's PC, as they might to add a printer to a server -- and vice versa.  Roles solidified in my 5 or 6 years there, but early on, anything was on the table in your role as a "PC tech".

If you could log into it, you were the dude doing it.

Under this liberal arrangement I at some point picked up the role as webmaster of the departmental website.  It was a natural for me because it did in fact involve coding (HTML and the old "Cold Fusion", AKA, the language of MySpace - fun fact), and it allowed me to craft in departmental service structure directly to the interface that people would be using to call upon it.  The website, to the extent I had control, was in effect support policy and procedure.  For years this worked out well. 

I was able to take this trip down memory lane using a weird archive site I had not heard of before called oldweb.today .

Looking at this today it's stunning how static my web skills have stayed.  You'll notice that my preference for the clean uncluttered mechanical social path between the various pages is the same you'll find, say, here at my very blog.  I have always preferred that a website look and behave like a document.

video WWW

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Predicting The Fall Of The Useful Web


Posted by Dave

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The world wide web might have been a way to share all kinds of information in a useful way that ecompassed the input of multiple presenters for every topic imaginable, sometimes for the same topic many times over.  

Malcolm Gladwell effectively predicts the 2020 web in 2002.

It was imagined by the still-living web founder as something that would be an indexed resource of a million perspectives, all able to interlink and evolve in infinite digital interplay.

And then, commercialism.

Now web page/site development can only be justified by the amount of money it might procure its producers.  Web pages that don't or can't take on the architecture of e-commerce equate to content that might be better moved to evolving social media platforms such as Facebook.  Places where any universal search mechanism breaks down.

Malcolm Gladwell made the prediction above in 2002 that seems to hold up well in the 2020 web.

video WWW

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Posted by Dave

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My admiration for goats is something that has profoundly fascinated as well disturbed me for quite some time.

I mean, why goats?

They are beautiful animals where, in astrology for example, they are cast as ambitious rock and mountain climbers with a need to progress through turbulence and challenge.  To feel the rocks and the conquering of the mountain beneath their hooves.

My Moon is in Capricorn, so perhaps that explains my affinity.

Or perhaps, I just wanted a blog category called "goats" and thus made up this completely nonensical reasoning in which to do so.  If I did, I do not mean to cast aside the miracle of the graceful climbers for my own selfish gains.  But rather, I hope that in my choice of a mammal in which to fodder with, I honor the goat, while serving my own purposes.


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Blogging Only Works, As Work


Posted by Dave

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As you know, I'm in the build phase of this blogging engine.  Though it looks completely functional there are major functions still a work in progress.  One of those is the archiving system.

To prep up with real content in which to actually test archiving with, and to keep up with a strategy of reflecting all of my online expressions synchronized between Twitter, Facebook, and this blog, I cross-posted most of my Facebook posts of recent months here.

The maneuver did help fill the tank for archive work, but I was surprised at what all that Facebook-ish inspired content wound up doing to the blog as a quality production stream.  Rather than give the audience a predictable rhythm of emotion and topic as they read through the posts, the disjointed and wayward thought processes between them were more likely to give them a headache.  Now, this blog has the production quality of bathroom graffiti.  What happened?

To understand, one has to compare how content as it is drip-dropped into a (personal) Facebook feed versus how it is dropped (more like a brick than a drip) onto a blog like this one.

Facebook posts are spurred by the moment, and like Twitter, are meant to draw your impulsive remarks and shares as captures of the second.  The resulting string of sentiments is an enjoyable cacophony of your mundane thoughts within a sophisticated framework where everyone is either doing, or at least knows that they can do, the same thing.  Whether they do or not, the random screeds and shares as disconnected intellectual matter are tolerated and appreciated thanks to compositional empathy.  Everyone gets that you might write about Aunt Maddie's tasteful potatoes in one post, then the impact of Trump's trade policies with China in the next.  

That empathy doesn't exist with longer form platforms, such as a blog.  Forget about the fact that a blog is not supposed to capture and cast impulsive thoughts in the first place, people can't relate to the process of feeding one as they do on a universal platform like Facebook.  Loosely they understand that, well, first you have to build or customize a blog, then you have to log into it, then you have to "build a post".  They imagine each post to be, what it is, which is work

So, when a reader encounters spotty point-making and flippant ideas one by one on a blog, as my Facebook dump renders, it looks and sounds bad.  It's just uncomfortable.

Hence, a consistent blog expression strategy will never be fulfilled by merely directly grafting content from your social media channels to your blog.  The blog is too much of a production channel, and the content that needs to be on display there needs to be a reflection of focus and work.  It has a voice to maintain, and it probably has a broader thesis to which each and every entry must be connected to.

battleblogdev blogging

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Get Ready: Gun Rights Matter


Posted by Dave

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Unfortunately for the righties the new movement might well be a slow crawl toward more gun control, or even, outright gun law reform.  That's because at the very root of our need for exceptional police force compared to many developed countries, is the fact that anyone in our country, at any time, might be armed with a gun.   

Policing in America is far more dangerous, and while necessary to develop, soft-touch policing is therefore much more harder to achieve. 

If I cared a lot about guns, I'd hop on that social program investment bandwagon, or reasonable gun control measures, as fast as I could.

Link of Inspire


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A Warning About Defunding As an Excuse


Posted by Dave

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As we demand that more $$$ go to social programs that improve the substantive conditions for all lower wealth, and more crucially, lower opportunity people, we have to be careful not to let police by wayward claim that they are merely bending to the public will and diminished resources, abandon law and order among the vulnerable.

Sensitive people, senior citizens, women open to exploitation, honest living people in public housing units, and many others, will all be subject to lives of terror and subjugation in a world where police leave them stranded with less presence and less assertion.

As it is, I have always felt as a way to cope with budget restrictions and the mere "work of it", police invent an inability to patrol or act in poor neighborhoods.  Police brutality, which you could look at as a twisted form of cost control, needs to be fixed.  But it can't be used as a convenient excuse to do the exact opposite where providing a baseline security is concerned. 

She has a  point.  And I would add, don't let everything that is happening become an exclamation point for those who believe that "minorities do it to themselves" so that walking away is that much more just.


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Buffalo's Mayor Brown Interview Does Not Disappoint


Posted by Dave

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Just watched the (Buffalo) Mayor Brown interview.  I have been impressed by this guy every single time I have heard him play out in the media for any reason, but more for this than any other.  

He is one the best mayors I've been a constituent of -- and is on par or maybe better than my other hero, Bloomberg.  As a ticket they would be a home run.   Balance is where the torturous victories lie, and these guys master it perfectly.

blm video

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Defunding Police, An Explainer


Posted by Dave

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By the time I am posting this to my blog, it's a bit dated. I originally posted it to my Facebook feed before the tenant of "defund the police" was parsed more by the big media explainers.

If you're wondering, I'm just caching some of my social media posts here at the blog. Both to feed it so that I can continue developing (I need to hammer out an archiving architecture for example, so I need posts, lots of posts!), and also to solidify the principle that posts and feeds should exist on personal blogs first, not Facebook or Twitter. Though, clearly in playing catch up, I am doing the clear opposite.

blm video

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From the Ground at Buffalo's George Floyd Protest


Posted by Dave

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I'm sort of a pragmatist when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement. I'm not energized about participating in it, yet, am far from dismissing its premise or dissuading protests as they happen to erupt.

To paint the picture of where I seem to stand on all of this:

In the interest of cost control we have an unnecessarily violent police response to just about everything.  Violence keeps things moving and violence keeps police budgets manageable.  Who tastes that violence does seem to be a matter of society's marginalized.  "Police as the hammer for everything" is a reality that needs fixing through more reliance on technology and an investment in other social areas that stop putting people on a collision course with law enforcement in the first place.

On the other hand, I too readily understand the technique of hyperbole (the mainstream media promotes racial division because it is profitable), personal responsibility, and statistics.  I also fundamentally disbelieve police roam their ranks looking for people to deliberately kill and doubt anyone actually believes that they do; the noise of those who claim that they do believe, is by those willfully attempting to contribute to the hyperbole.  Whenever these things happen I am more quick to suspect an accident, the culpability of the individual's behavior, or some misunderstanding, however tragic the outcome. 

The end result here is that both sides have cause to hate me, so I won't soapbox too much, let alone rally.  But, one I thing I can't resist is the drama of a protest, so off I went to be where the action was.

That's what I did here in Buffalo when a series of peaceful protests, which turned aggressive, which then turned into national news, took place.  As a journalist tourist I hit the grounds and Periscoped during a relatively tame stage of one night's events.  It wasn't until after I turned off the camera and headed home that things got ugly.

Here is the full Periscope of my time there if you care to see it as I did, in crappy pixelated form.  However, at the top of this post is a condensed version available on YouTube.  The police scanner audio is not synchronous to the activity.


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It May Seem Like a Minor Thing But...


Posted by Dave

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Without diminishing the point of the protests (I was monitoring one in NYC via Periscope), I want to give an EXTRA shout out to all the horizontal smartphone cam videographers.  They are true gems in a sea of vertical holders who don't seem to get it.   I mean it's been almost 10 years now of smartphones to figure it out but alas.


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Please Don't Be Too Nice


Posted by Dave

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It wasn't too long ago President Trump quipped this sentiment to a bunch of police officers.  Some months later, an officer was "not too nice" to the point of choking a man to death.

No, President Trump probably did not mean that officers should seriously endanger suspects or, as in the case of George Floyd, assassainate them or manhandle them in such a way as to effectively murder. 

However, this kind of wink-and-nod banter is just yet another reason this guy shouldn't stay the President.  He doesn't appreciate the weight of his own words across the full spectrum of the population that he presides over.  

The apprehension of suspects and how they are treated while in custody is a serious matter, and is apparently an all-too-often breached protocol as it is, let alone when something an officer does, in fact kill someone.  The President should have the common sense that something like this will come back to haunt him sooner or later

He doesn't have that common sense, or respect.  So as far as I'm concerned, here is the haunt.


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TheOnionLike: I Like Your Hair


Posted by Dave

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Just a quick caching of my #TheOnioneLIke #HireMeTheOnion stuff.

❤️❤️❤️ROMANTIC!  With bars closed during quarantine, intoxicated unappealing 54-year-old Romeo bothers neighbor women from his rooftop!  💕💕💕💕❤️

Report:  Ring Doorbell Cameras Credited With 90 Percent Increase in Capture, Conviction, of Orbs. 


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Well Oiled Machine


Posted by Dave

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My car has this awesome advanced feature.  It just about self-changes the oil by automatically  draining it over the course of a few months thereby allowing me to fill it with new oil without going under it to loosen a pan or paying for an oil-change place to do it!


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Facebook As the Placebook


Posted by Dave

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I decided to click the little exclamation point for "More Website Information" that Facebook now includes with most feed posts, next to one of my own recent posts.

In the event you actually wonder if Hillary runs a pedophile ring, click the exclamation point.

The idea of this new information system is so that Facebook can give the average clicker an idea of a website's validity and integrity, a system largely developed in wake of attempts by foreign state competitors attempting to influence the outcome of elections by taking advantage our nation's low barrier information exchange systems (read: the web, social media).  You may recognize that effort covered in the mainstream media as "Russian Interference".

Why Facebook thinks that people who are actually brain-numb enough to believe Hillary Clinton runs a pedophila ring in the basement of pizza parlors would be inquisitive enough to try and understand the integrity of a given source publishing that information is beyond me.  People who "believe" and share that type of information are more than likely doing it out of personal satire, not because they actually believe it.

I actually think I do know:  Social media giants and the mainstream media both need you to believe that people are that stupid because it then permits them to introduce yet more controls and more instruments to track human inquisitiveness, while maybe driving a political or social agenda in the process.  Instruments such as the button under discussion that allows you to review "more information" about a given post, for example.

When I clicked on the one for my post, linking back to my website, I chuckled over the clinical assessment at first.  But gaffed when I saw this:


Dwghosting doesn't have a Facebook page, oh no!

Facebook, in the authorative presentation of a risk assessment agent, was pointing out that my hosting company, Dave the Web Guy Innovations, does not have a Facebook page.  The implication being that my content potentially threatens western democracy.

Holy smokes!  

Well I guess as owner operator of Dave the Web Guy Innovations and its functional subsidary Dave the Web Guy Hosting, I better start one up!  Get it going.  Get my presence branded and restore Facebook's version of "trust it" about me, to the world. 

If I really want to stand apart, to really show my authentic export to the world, I best also buy up some ad impressions and what not.  After all, if I'm not buying ad space, maybe I'm just a con going through the trouble to make a Facebook page to beat this incriminating designation as a "non-Facebook-page" owner.  Oh no!  Facebook:  Shutup and take my money!  Vindicate me!  Approve me!

So basically, Facebook, as part of its undeclared strategy to replace the World Wide Web with its own monetizing version of it, is casting fear and distrust of any digital stage built outside it.

facebook WWW

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Caught Flapping on My Webcam


Posted by Dave

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So now that I have my shiny new blogging platform at hand I find myself thirsty for unique me-oriented content.  Noting a lack of anything too special between watching bad sitcoms and chowing down on boxes of Lucky Charms, it occurs to me maybe now is time to update my explanation of this odd behavior, frequently caught on my webcam, and elsewhere:

Seriously, da F is that?

That is me "flapping".  It's technically not "flapping", it's more like a soothing tickling of the back of my neck.  I call it flapping because when I did this as a kid I did it full hand-hands-to-the-front which was by definition flapping.  I literally flapped my hands. 

Over time, this behavior was naturally admonished by my mom and dads, and subject to some degree of mocking from my dear siblings.  The resulting pressure between the compulsion to do it and the shame and ridicule to not, gradually morphed the act into the somewhat compact and concealable act of "neck tickling".  The vernacular of it as "flapping" nonetheless survived, as did the behavior itself, into modern adulthood.

I mostly do it while under stress, but I also do it while thinking rapidly about matters.  It's like a mental tell I suppose.  You can harmlessly refer to it as a "tic" if you like although I tend to think of tics as being more involuntary.  This is not involuntary by my standard of the word, I crave doing it!  I can get frustrated over time if I can't.

The medical genesis of this behavior is a wild card matter.  Sure, it's the stuff of autism if you turn down the squelch on the meaning of that word (and sure, my mother claims a doctor made just such that suggestion, just as that and "Asperger" were coming to the fore). 

My philosophy on the over-diagnosis of what is in my opinion, at some point of high functionality, a personality type, leads me to dismiss that.  I'd sooner blame chomping on lead paint chips and messing up the wiring somewhere during my neurological developmental years. 

I mean, okay, I happen to be great with computers and sure, there is that train thing I have going on, and maybe a few oddball obsessive fascinations here and there -- but, hey, like I said personality type

Some dudes get high jumping from bridges while strapped to rubber bands and we don't say they have a contemporary buzzword affliction, do we?  They're  just adrenaline junkies!  And for some reason, without a care for trains in the world, they are even admired.

So if you see me flapping on the webcam, or maybe roundabout at work or in the streets, do not be concerned.  It just means I'm letting off mental steam if not processing an internal algorithm of some sort.

Now if you'll excuse me, I notice the second of my thirteen spoons (from the bottom of the stack) is slightly shifted to the left in the utensil drawer, and I absolutely have to correct it or there's gonna be a lot of flappin' going on!

personal wtf

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Test of a Summary Entry


Posted by Dave

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This is the first test of a summary entry.  Such summaries will be included with most postings and will reflect in social media postings and the RSS feed.


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Next Time, Just 'Share' On The Ring App


Posted by Dave

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Well let's face it, these two guys are fucked.

And with just cause.  

One problem that I have with the Ahmaud Arbery murder case is that I can see myself as someone who'd jaunt after a caught-on-camera trespasser.  I am "Mr. Security Cam" after all and intercepting creepers and thieves in the act is what I'm all about as a point of -- odd -- fascination.  I love when technology makes life tougher for that sort of riff-raff.

But would I be jaunting to confront one?  Let alone armed with a gun?  Hell no.  I'd be going to narrate to a 911 operator, or, to take closer-up phonecam pictures (from the safety of my passing vehicle) for breathless "enhanced distribution" on the NextDoor app. 

And, the majority of you would probably feel that I'd be stupid for even doing that.  

With their own stupid understanding of an appropriate response to a trespasser, whether one thought to be involved in previous burglaries or not, these guys escalated a situation better left to uniformed responding patrol officers.  As it is, even if they don't wind up in prison, and they most probably will, the rest of their lives are fucked.

There is the race question to be sure.  And there is definetely a "good ol' boys protecting good ol' boys" thing going on in any event, questions of racism notwithstanding.  The police report used every trick of sentence and slant construction to give the highly questionable series of events a period instead of its richly deserved question mark.

But to me, beyond the waxing social issues clearly at hand here, the proper response to spotting things happening on your survelliance systems is what this case really boils down to and is the relatively boring angle that will probably not get the discussion it deserves.  

Relevant Linkage

crime msmfocus

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