DWG Hosting is a subsidiary operation of Dave the Web Guy Innovations, LLC. You can follow Dave at his blog.

Hosting services are provided on a custom service and strategic basis to individuals, small to medium sized businesses, government agencies, and small organizations seeking an independent web based platform.


DWG offers the following managed services to clients.

  • Battle Blog Hosting
  • Squeaky Portal Hosting
  • Prototype Framework Development
  • Consultation
  • Digital Creative Services
  • Media and Content Distribution
  • PC-Inbox Enterprise E-Mail Services

About Hosting

People around the web have produced and distributed a variety of content that explain servers and hosting. Here is one of them produced for the beginner. Note that this video is not DWG produced.



New and current DWG Hosting clients can e-mail davidpinero@pobox.com for the quickest response to issues or to initiate new service.

Physical Address

Dave the Web Guy Innovations
567 Delaware Ave. / # 18
Buffalo, NY 14202


(716) 220-8060 / International: 00 + 1 + (716) 220-8060

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